Does Tax Apply on FD Interest?

Financial Deposits (FDs) are popular investments due to their reliable returns; however, investors should remember that any income tax due on


Startup Companies

Startup companies are in the early stages of business operations. They typically require funds to begin the process. Compared to large corporations, startups delegate more


Business Management Strategies

Business Management strategies are high-level plans developed by management to achieve organizational strategic goals. The process entails identifying the overall business direction, determining implementation policies and developing management plans. The process is dynamic and involves

The Strategic Management Process

The strategic management process involves analyzing organisational capabilities and resources. It includes a SWOT analysis to assess an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as external forces and opportunities. The main goal of the SWOT

The Fundamental Principles of Lean Management

The fundamental principles of Lean management are simple: create a continuous flow of value and eliminate waste. This means that you should analyze your process from start to finish, eliminating steps that do not create


About Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finserv Limited is a non-banking financial company focused on lending. They also specialize in wealth management. Consumer durable financing, personal loan financing, two and