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The Business of Fashion

Fashion is an international industry with global reach. It encompasses various businesses from retail/online stores and designer brand stores to fashion magazines as well as smaller niche businesses like flower makers, embroiderers, seamstresses/tailors/craft workers etc. Imran Amed is the founder, editor in chief and CEO of the Business of Fashion Read More

Starting a Small Business is Easier Than You Think

Small business owners face numerous challenges. Most can relate to finding customers and marketing their goods or services, with each industry often experiencing its own set of unique obstacles. Small businesses face unique obstacles. If they hope to secure federal contracts, small firms must adhere to government regulations regarding revenue Read More

Small Business Loan For Women With Bad Credit

Women-owned businesses may face additional difficulties when it comes to finding financing. Finding a lender who understands your specific needs and can create a tailored financing solution may prove essential – try online lenders who may offer more lenient lending criteria than banks. Working capital loans are designed to cover Read More

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Sales and marketing share an overarching goal: attracting and converting leads into customers to generate revenue. But these two functions do differ in some key respects; sales focuses on short-term transaction-driven goals while marketing works toward winning and keeping customers over time. Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy is an action plan Read More

The Source Trade Show

The source trade show is the South West’s premier showcase for anyone passionate about specialty foods, premium drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. It provides a diverse range of comparative tastings, networking opportunities and inspirational experiences that can give your business new impetus. Visitors to Budapest have the unique opportunity Read More