About Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finserv Limited is a non-banking financial company focused on lending. They also specialize in wealth management.

Consumer durable financing, personal loan financing, two and three wheeler finance are just some of the many products provided by this NBFC. They also offer EMI cards. Their reputation within India’s credit industry speaks for itself.

Home Loan

Home ownership is one of the ultimate dreams, yet financing it financially may seem an impossible task. That’s why Bajaj Finserv provides home loans as an effective solution – its low interest rates and flexible repayment terms make them attractive options for potential home buyers.

With the right credit score and income, you could qualify for up to Rs 15 crore* home loans with flexible tenor, zero foreclosure charges and PMAY assistance. Furthermore, SI/ECS mode payment of your EMIs provides more convenience than post-dated cheques.

Save both time and effort when paying your EMIs with this online application process that provides instantaneous loan approvals. After completion, a sanction letter with details about your loan amount, tenure, interest rates and monthly EMI payments will arrive directly at your door so you can plan your EMI payments better.

Personal Loan

Personal loans provide the ideal way to cover unexpected expenses without being tied down by assets such as mortgage loans. At Bajaj Finserv, they offer personal loans of up to Rs 20 lakh within 72 hours with minimal documentation requirements – once verified the money will be directly deposited into your bank account!

Bajaj Finserv provides convenient EMI finance options for consumer durables, lifestyle products and groceries as well as providing unsecured personal loans at attractive interest rates. Borrower profiles, repayment history and income will all be taken into consideration before offering such loans.

Bajaj Finserv also offers balance top-up loans at competitive interest rates with flexible tenures that do not require guarantors or security. Furthermore, its Insta Personal Loans can be obtained quickly online in just two minutes through Bajaj Finserv’s website and checked immediately upon.

SME Loans

Bajaj Finserv is one of the premier non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) for providing Business loans to Small & Medium businesses. Their products include business loan, home loan for SMEs, working capital loans and more. Furthermore, this lender also offers loans to entrepreneurs, professionals, engineers and doctors looking to grow their own businesses while contributing positively to society and economy at large.

SME business loans from Bank of India are specifically tailored for a range of uses, such as expanding into new markets, upgrading technology or machinery, increasing revenue or hiring staff. Furthermore, Bank of India provides a flexible loan facility which enables a borrower to withdraw funds in bulk without incurring interest – thus effectively lowering EMIs by up to 45%!

Additionally, their MSME business loans are unsecured in nature and the lender only considers an applicant’s credit profile and repayment history when making its approval decision. Furthermore, the online application process is quick and user-friendly, enabling customers to get approval within 24 hours and funds into their bank accounts in 30 minutes or less.

Credit Cards

Bajaj Finance, as market leader for consumer lending, plans to venture into credit cards as a way of further strengthening their position and protecting their customer base, according to Jefferies.

Bajaj Finance credit cards come equipped with many advantages. For instance, some cards allow you to convert your credit limit into a personal loan for three months while others provide rewards or cashback on purchases made. Furthermore, these cards can even be used to make payments at specific e-commerce websites.

Bajaj Finance bases their eligibility criteria for credit cards on both income and credit history. You must have a secure job that allows you to afford your monthly EMIs while maintaining good repayment habits with other lenders. An eligibility review may be conducted online in order to increase your credit limit; however, they reserve the right to deny an application for one at any time.

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