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How to Choose an Accounting App for Your Business

Accounting records are an integral component of any successful business, and accounting software allows you to keep accurate accounts by tracking receipts, invoice clients and monitoring profits and losses. Many also enable uploading expenses so that a comprehensive picture can be constructed of your finances. The top small-business accounting apps Read More

Social Accounting Concepts

Most studies on social accounting are published by the Elsevier publishing company, which commands the largest percentage of articles. The contribution of Elsevier is highlighted in figures two and three. The most prominent base words in social accounting include economic impact and economic analysis. The importance of social accounting is Read More

The Accounting Process

The accounting process involves identifying and analyzing the data in the company’s ledger. These entries represent various activities that contribute to the creation of a business transaction. These activities may include paying employees, selling goods or services, collecting cash, issuing stock to company owners, and other activities. In each of Read More