The Source Trade Show

The source trade show is the South West’s premier showcase for anyone passionate about specialty foods, premium drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. It provides a diverse range of comparative tastings, networking opportunities and inspirational experiences that can give your business new impetus.

Visitors to Budapest have the unique opportunity to discover extraordinary local products with captivating provenance, interact directly with passionate producers and suppliers, as well as gain insight into emerging companies, trends, and opportunities before anyone else.

Taste of the West

The source trade show is a must-attend for anyone interested in specialty foods, quality drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. Furthermore, it’s an ideal time of year for new businesses to establish themselves within the foodservice industry.

Experience an unmissable event featuring key South West, UK and international food and drink producers as well as service providers, alongside Taste of the West members. Here, guests have the chance to explore unique local products with intriguing provenance while connecting directly with passionate producers and suppliers.

Hale Events, based in Axbridge, Somerset, boast extensive experience running successful trade shows. This year the Source trade show is making its first visit to Bristol – inviting exhibitors and visitors from throughout the regional food and drink sector to congregate at BS3’s Ashton Gate Stadium.


In February, the source trade show is the South West’s premier event – a must-attend for anyone interested in specialty foods and quality drinks, profitable catering services and inspired hospitality. With over 200 exhibitors ready to wow visitors, it offers visitors an exclusive chance to see who the top players are and discover what’s new within this industry.

One of the show’s standout attractions is the Newcomers area, designed to showcase high end food and drink brands that have made an impact in retail. This area was created through a partnership between Source and Diverse Fine Foods – known for their expertise in handpicking luxury small and medium sized food producers to bring their wares to market – receiving much deserved recognition given all the interest shown and enthusiasm displayed therein. Furthermore, attendees will have access to cutting edge demonstrations, seminars, conferences as well as prizes from the prize wheel competition!

Exhibitor information

Trade shows are one of the most effective marketing communications tools available. They raise brand awareness and foster relationships with prospective customers.

The Source is the south west’s premier trade show for buyers with an appetite for specialty foods, quality drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. Held annually in February, The Source is a must-attend for food businesses from across the region.

It provides the ideal setting to test new products, network with suppliers and gauge customer reactions. Furthermore, it can fill any holes in an overall advertising and sales promotion strategy.

Trade shows are essential marketing tools that must be planned with a precise, measurable objective in mind. These objectives should also be time-bound.


Trade shows are a popular platform for businesses to showcase their wares and build brand awareness. Furthermore, these events provide businesses with an invaluable opportunity to network with potential customers as well as industry experts.

If you want to increase attendee engagement, hire a band or DJ to play ambient music at your booth. Not only will this keep visitors occupied and interested in what your company offers, but it gives them something memorable to remember!

One strategy to elevate your brand awareness is creating an appealing slogan or motto. This will ensure attendees remember your company long after the expo has concluded.

The Source is the South West’s must-attend show for anyone passionate about fine foods, quality drinks, successful catering and inspired hospitality. It offers visitors an exclusive opportunity to discover unique local products with captivating stories and connect with passionate producers face-to-face.

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